WordnRoll, realtime multiplayer action Word game

WordnRoll iPhone game


Are you ready for a realtime action word game?

WordnRoll is words, fun, action and addiction! And no more waiting on turns.

Play alone or against a friend. Invite your friends by sending a message.

Check your statistics and make new friends by playing against random opponents.

WordnRoll is fully localised available in :

  • English (Int)
  • English (US)
  • German
  • French
  • Dutch

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Free iPhone Word game

WordnRoll iPhone game, available on the Apple App Store

WordnRoll is free to play and available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Wifi or 3G+ network required for multiplayer games. Download WordnRoll from the Apple App store!

WordnRoll Trailer

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Score Multipliers

A word of 4 letters gives a score multiplier of 2. Selecting the (English) word GAME would give 7 points x 2 = 14. And your opponent directly receives 2 letters.

Example of a selected word in WordnRoll

Longer words give higher multipliers and bonuswords extra multipliers! See the WordnRoll FAQ to learn more!

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Game over

Each time a row of letters falls, time goes a bit faster.
The white bar at the bottom of the screen shows the time before the next row drops.

The game is over when the rows reach the top.

So in multiplayer defeat your opponent with multiple words and bonus words.

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